Clean up time!

For those of you who donated to Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings Indiegogo campaign last year or so, the first batch of pledge merch has finally been shipped today. We will get second batch out next week and that should wrap everything up. Now, a lot of you have bought the record as well, either Rebel Drones or the new Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings debut album. We still have not gotten those LPs back from the plant yet so you will have to wait for your physical copy a bit longer. We can tell you they are both limited edition first press (not sure if that's color Vinyl or not) SO you will most likely get one from the first pressing. In meantime we are working on download codes for you so you have something sooner than later and we hope that will help appease the situation. Again we appreciate your patience with this! The delay was not intentional. Everything was in storage until Matt landed a permanent residence and we could deal with it. Its expensive and tricky to survive in LA! Good news is day by day things are looking up for Matt. He's got a good support system here in LA and we are adding lots of shows both in USA and Europe. Over and out MH&TBF